Monthly Archives: July 2005

Live Chat

The Fellowship Festival is hosting a live chat with Craig this Tuesday (July 12th) at 8:00PM London time. See their site for info. They have guidelines this year which should make the chat a lot easier to follow this year:
1 Don’t ask Craig if he remembers seeing you or a friend at an event and what you said to eachother. Not only is it impossible to answer, well, he can’t say no can he, its also boring for all other forum mates to read. Save remembering your special moments with him when you see him at The Festival, he loves that.
2 Don’t repeat questions already asked or ask the obvious ones. He can only answer once and will have to move on so he can answer as many questions as possible.
3 Please don’t chat amongst yourselves or respond to other members questions. We are want to hear what Craig has to say, so please save the chatter to later or move it to another thread.
4 We will limit the questions to 1/2 hour. After that, we have to stop taking questions. Last year, Craig carried on for a couple of hours after, we dont want to wear him out before The Festival.
See you there tomorrow!

Craig’s fine!

I just heard from Karen Kay that Craig is just fine. I’m sure he’d appreciate everyone’s concern, and I let Karen know that quite a few people were e-mailing to ask.
Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone in London and the rest of the UK.