Monthly Archives: June 2006

Chat Transcript & Nepal Journal

I know it’s nearly a year later, but I’ve posted a transcript of the live chat that happened in the Fellowship Festival forums in July of 2005. Unfortunately the forums have been taken down so I can’t check over the transcript and see how accurate it is. Sorry about that!
I’ve given Intrepid Journeys it’s own page on the TV section and added Craig’s Nepal journal to the site just in case it ever disappears off the NZTV site.

Stage Updates & Merchandise

I’ve done a bit of work on the site the past few days. I’ve updated the Stage section with some info on Serial Killers such as reviews and a link to the new gallery page. I also added a section for Craig’s upcoming play Glide Time.
I added a link on the Biography page to Craig’s profile on Speakers New Zealand.
I’ve added to the merchandise section, The Middle-earth Connection, a three disc DVD series with some narration by Craig is available at Make sure the discs are the correct region for your DVD player before ordering!
For those of you that never got to order any of Craig’s official merchandise, it can still be ordered in Germany through this German site.

Ring*Con 2006

It looks like Craig will once again be at Ring*Con this year. He’s listed as confirmed on their list of guests. It will be held at the Esperanto Hotel in Fulda, Germany on November 10-12, 2006.

Shortland Street Photos

I’ve scanned an article from the Shortland Street Magazine Summer 1994 issue and added it to the articles section. I also scanned the photos a bit larger and added them into the Shortland Street Gallery. All but one of the photos I’ve had posted there already, but these are much bigger than the ones that I had.
Also, the e-mail news updates function doesn’t seem to be working and hasn’t for a while. I’m not sure when it’ll be fixed, so you might want to keep checking here for updates, or check out the Live Journal.