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Small Craig Mention

There is a brief mention of Craig’s return to Shortland Street on the site today:
A familiar face is returning to Shortland Street – Chris Warner’s brother Guy, played by Craig Parker. WW reports Guy will star in a good old fashioned love triangle with Chris’ wife Toni, and actress Laura Hill is pretty happy about it. “Now I get to kiss both Dr Love and his brother,” Laura gushes to WD. “How cool is that?” Just because you can, Laura, doesn’t mean you should.

NZ Magazine Cover & DOTW

Craig is on the cover of the current New Zealand Woman’s Weekly magazine, with a 3 page article on his return to Shortland Street. I should have scans soon, but here’s the cover in the meantime:

***The download of the week is Xena: To Helicon & Back:***
Part 1
Part 2

Shortland Street Celebration

Friday night in Auckland, NZ, was the 15th anniversary celebration for Shortland Street. The New Zealand Herald has this to say about Craig:
Craig Parker, who has returned as Guy Warner after a long absence from the show, said the programme’s enduring success was down to familiarity.
“New Zealanders are not well-renowned for sticking with local television programmes but there is something familiar about Shortland Street.”
Parker said the show had been the training ground for several local actors who have found fame overseas including Martin Henderson, Marton Csokas and Morrison.
“It’s the only regular work … in this country and it’s given people financial security and the opportunity to work with their mates every day.”

Read the entire article here.