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The Pillowman & Haldir Card

The Pillowman is currently playing through September 15. I’ve created a photo gallery here for the play with some new photos from the Auckland Theatre Company website.
From the ZN Herald:
Craig Parker is particularly impressive in the role of the writer Katurian. By showing tenderness towards his retarded brother and an unswerving belief in the value of his writing Parker somehow elicits sympathy for what should be a thoroughly odious character.
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From another NZ Herald article:
Lead actor Craig Parker agrees with Prast that McDonagh’s writing, with its midnight black humour, means The Pillowman is not turgid.
Parker loved the script so much, he inquired about getting the rights to produce The Pillowman in New Zealand.
“I called up only to be told that one Colin McColl, of the Auckland Theatre Company, had acquired the rights the week before so I sent a begging email to Colin saying, ‘Please let me be in your play?’
“It really is an incredible piece of theatre.”

Read the full article here
Download The Pillowman press release here
There is a new Haldir card in the Treachery & Deceit series TCG: