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Craig Quote

Here’s a little interesting thing I found today. This is from a review from an actor who saw The Pillowman, who had this to say about Craig:
One of the things I found really relevant was a comment from Craig Parker, who played the central character Katurian Katurian. Parker commented on the “kind of schizophrenic nature of actors”, chiming in on a discussion of the need for care in stage violence. He talked about that little voice that’s always there in your head no matter how good an actor you are, saying “do you have the pillow?” and “the blocking’s changed – I need to stand somewhere so that the action won’t be interrupted”. It’s just a relief to have that sensation vocalised – funnily, I’ve never talked to anyone else who has.
You can read the whole blog post here.

The Pillowman Articles/Reviews

Both Parker and Gareth Reeves, as his mildly retarded older brother Michael, have a palpable human quality that makes for enthralling theatre.
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Review from The Listener
A not so good review from Metro Live, but includes this pic:

I took Ring*Con off the current events calendar quite some time ago, but forgot to actually announce here that Craig has canceled this year. Click here for more info.