Monthly Archives: August 2009

More D.I. & Underworld Pics

I started a gallery for Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans and added a photo here. I’ll start adding more photos when I’m done capping all the Diplomatic Immunity pics.
I’ve added about 30 new Diplomatic Immunity pics from episode three here.

Win Diplomatic Immunity DVDs is having a contest to win a season 1 DVD set of Diplomatic Immunity here.. I’m assuming that it’s for New Zealand residents only, but if anyone else finds out otherwise, please let me know.
If you’d like to buy the set, this site takes international orders: Mighty Ape. Check the region of your DVD player before purchasing!

Spartacus Trading Card

At San Diego Comic Con last month there were two sets of promotional trading cards for Spartacus. One set had a card of Craig. Apparently they’re really nice hologram cards and as soon as I get mine in the mail, I’ll scan it for the site. In the meantime, here’s a not-so-good quality pic of the set:

Craig to attend Dragon*Con & JENARIUM news

Craig has been added to the Dragon*Con schedule in Atlanta, GA, here in the US. Luckily, that’s where I live, so I’ll be able to take a bunch of pictures/video to share with everyone.
Also, I was contacted Dan Fisher of Formaturia Productions to give me some information on the JENARIUM project that Craig has been involved with. He had this to say:
I would like to let you know that JENARIUM is a mythology, that will be broken into two main areas for now:
1) Book/Books
2) Album/CD
There has been talk of a video game and potential movie spin off, however nothing solid at this stage. Craig’s involvement at this stage is solely with the JENARIUM Album/CD, (in which he narrated), as the JENARIUM game does not exist as of yet. The album will be pre released to all members of JENARIUM this December!
For more information, please visit the official site.
Here’s an interesting article on celebrities, with a mention of Craig, including a link to this site. Craig fans are everywhere! Thanks to Talasi and Laura for pointing it out, and to Gayle Stever for the mention.
One last thing… I started back to school last fall, so updates on this site have been sparse. Sorry about that! I am going to try and keep up with what’s going on, but please forgive me if I’m a little slow.
As always, I can be reached at, or through facebook. I’ve taken the online mailing form down because I was getting insane amounts of spam through it. It always helps to add Craig’s name in your message subject so your message doesn’t get deleted on accident.