Monthly Archives: May 2012

Shackleton’s Captain Finally Airing

Shackleton’s Captain will finally air on TV1 in New Zealand this weekend! Click here for more info.
Also, if anyone is wanting to see the videos I’ve uploaded, please go to the Facebook profile page and click the “photos” link. From there you will have access to the videos. They’re friends only.

Welcome Back!

Sorry for the lack of updates to the news section of this website. Thanks to skybly, the news posting function is now working again. I’ve made some updates to the site since the last posting, I just wasn’t able to post about it. Thanks Skybly for fixing that for me!
I encourage everyone to please visit the site Facebook page:
I’ve been uploading photos over there, along with news updates, and some friends-only videos. Please check it out!
Once I get a few things tidied up I’ll have another update for you with convention dates in the US this summer. Stay tuned!