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More London Expo & New Drawing

There are seven more photos in the London Expo gallerycourtesy of Aqui.
Tracey Birch has donated a fantastic prize for a new raffle! She is giving away the ToyBiz Helm’s Deep 5 pack of action figures. Included in the set is Haldir, Legolas, Aragorn, Gimli and Theoden. To be entered in the drawing, send an e-mail to If you have AOL, PLEASE make sure you are set to accept e-mail from me if you win. All entries must be received by October 31st, and the winner will be notified by e-mail on November 1st. Good luck!

London Expo

I’ve just started a new photo gallery for London Expo HERE.Thanks to Alex for the contribution! If anyone else has photos, please send them in!

Craig Interview & Xena in France

There is a fantastic interview with Craig posted on HERE
The Xena episode “To Helicon and Back” will be shown in France on TF6 channel on 22th October, at 6:55 pm. Thanks to Marie for letting us know!

London Expo and 2 New Articles

Craig has been confirmed for the London Expoon October 18th and 19th. Tickets are currently on sale, please click above link to go to the official site.
I have added two new articles to the Articles page,one from Woman’s Day magazine donated by Kim, and one from the New Zealand Herald, about the annual Blessing of the Animals this past Sunday, celebrating the life of St Francis of Assisi. Craig read the Prayer of a Cat.

BOBW Goodes & More Istrocon

It’s nice to see so many people on the “friends of” list for the craigparker_net Live Journalafter just one day. Thanks for checking it out!
Vanessa has contributed the first review of the Best of Both Worlds Convention and donated the first photos to the gallery. See the BOBW pagefor links to both.
There are 8 more new photos in the Istrocon gallerysubmitted by Nosferatu and Monia.
Monia has also submitted a her review of Istrocon,and I have also added a link to Pennie’s photos. Please check them out!

Photos, RingCon USA, Parker’s Pigs

There are six new Istrocon photos in theIstrocon gallery, courtesy of Kaki.
I have added a new page for RingCon USAto be updated when the convention takes place.
There is a new article from the Mercy Peak site in the articles section.Also, in the New Zealand Women’s Day magazine there is an article on Craig titled “Parker’s Pen,” which is also about some pigs that were used on the Mercy Peak set. You can order this magazine from Kiwi Attic.

Dirhalla wrote in to let everyone in the Netherlands know that Xena can be seen “wednesdays, between 23.00 and 24.00. (time changes evrytime ) on Yorin”