LOTS Best show ever?

Vote for Legend of the Seeker for “Best Show Ever” on spoilertv.com. It’s losing to the show Fringe (which I also love). And while you’re at it, vote for Firefly too. 😉
Also, I’ve uploaded the episode of RadiRadirah that Craig had a part on over on FaceBook. It’s friends only, so be sure to friend c-p.net!
Watch here!

Tubey Awards

Everyone should take a couple minutes to go vote at the Tubey Awards website when you get the chance. There are a lot of LOTS nominations, and also some for Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Polls like this are a good way to show the network how much we love the show and the cast. Make sure you go through all 24 categories. Every little bit helps!
Tubey Awards vote here!

Photo Gallery

If anyone has tried to visit the gallery recently and were having trouble seeing the photos, the problem should be fixed. Thanks, Skybly!

Television Show Uploads

I’ve finished uploading the last episodes of Diplomatic Immunity over on the C-P.Net facebook page, so head on over to check them out! Remember, they are friends locked, so you must be a friend in order to see the videos! I’m also going to be uploading some other shows, hopefully some that you may not have seen before.

New (old) Pic

I just posted this pic in the FOTR gallery. I think it was taken at the Fellowship premiere in Wellington back in 2001.