Spartacus Episode 1 Pics

I just saw the first episode of Spartacus: Blood and Sand and made some screen caps from it and posted about 35 of them in the Spartacus gallery. Enjoy! Also, I’ve noticed that some people are taking pictures off my site and reposting them other places. If you’re going to repost any of my photos, please link back to my site for credit. Thanks!

D*Con Video

I finally managed to get together a few of the video clips I took at Dragon*Con a few months ago. The quality isn’t great, but it’s still worth watching. The file format is playable in iTunes only. I’ve uploaded the file off-site to save my bandwidth. You can get the first one here. Do NOT upload this clip on any other site please!
Also, at 1:00 am last night, I accidentally clicked the “ignore” button on a few FaceBook friend requests. If you haven’t been friended back from me yet, please try again.