No One Can Hear You


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Trish Burchall is a newswoman who begins to investigate a series of brutal murders in her town. As young women and their families are being slaughtered, she begins to uncover a serial killer whose twisted version of love brings the deadliest of intentions. The sheriff wants her to keep things quiet while he tries to crack the case, but what she discovers will put her and her daughters next on the killer’s list.

From the video box
Jaime Passier-Armstrong Tracey Johnson
Kelly McGillis Trish Burchall
Barry Corbin Sheriff Joe Webster
Kate Elliott Lisa Burchall
Craig Parker Henley
Tom Huntington Ben Kelly
Daniel Gillies Dirk Metcalf
Kieren Hutchison Robert Player

If You Go Down To The Woodhill Today…
Pukekohe, Riverhead and the Woodhill State forest will take on a decidedly American accent this week as shooting starts on the movie House Guest (working title only). The film’s biggest imported name is Kelly McGillis (Top Gun, Witness) while Craig Parker and Elizabeth Hawthorne will be among the supporting local players. The movie is being made by Daybreak Pictures and is curiously described by its advance publicity as “a thriller along the lines of The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or Fargo.” Which would appear to make it a snowbound story about a botched kidnapping by a psychopathic nanny solved by a pregnant sheriff. Can’t wait.

From the NZ Herald, August 5 2000

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