Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers

tommyknockersboxThe Tommyknockers is a TV miniseries based on Stephen King’s 1987 novel. An alien spacecraft has been buried beneath the Burning Woods near the small rural New England community of Haven for millions of years, but has now by chance been unearthed by Bobbi (Marg Helgenberger) while digging around in the woods behind her house. The structure in the woods begins to exert a glowing-green influence on the town, causing the people to invent Rube Goldberg-like gizmos, develop the gift of telepathy, lose their teeth, and form a hive-mind mentality bent on digging up the ship and revivifying the desiccated aliens within. Luckily, Bobbi’s significant other is an alcoholic poet (Jimmy Smits) who needs to learn to face his fears.

From’s editorial review

tommyknockersThis movie is available in two versions – the complete miniseries and a shortened version. Craig’s scenes have been almost completely cut from the latter, so watch out if you’re planning to buy The Tommyknockers! The complete version has a runtime of 181 minutes, the shortened version of 119 minutes.

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