Young Hercules

Young Hercules

Craig plays Lucius in the episodes “Mommy Dearest” & “Dad Always Liked Me Best”.


“Dad Always Liked Me Best”

First aired November 6, 1998

In an effort to ensure that half-brother, Pollux, who has been accused of killing his twin brother Castor, is innocent until proven guilty, Hercules joins Lucius in his manhunt. Unbeknownst to Hercules, the destruction of Pollux is just part of a more heinous plan orchestrated by Lucius (another mortal son of Zeus) and his crazy mother Iambe to eliminate all of Zeus’ children… including Hercules.

“Mommy Dearest”

First aired November 12, 1998

Lucius sets Alcmene’s village ablaze to torment Hercules and then lures him to Corinth where, in Lucius’ mind, Hercules can finally be destroyed. Using Jason as the bargaining chip, Lucius negotiates for Hercules to surrender his own life for the life of his friend.